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At Winch Consulting, we've been working on HR-related projects for more than ten years. Our clients value our absolute professionalism and comprehensive experience. Whilst there are many similarities between one project and another, there's one question in particular we hear from our clients time and time again: "How do other companies do it?"
After much careful consideration of the drivers behind that question, our team identified a demand which lead to the launch of a new company :

WinchApps - dedicated to the creation of pre-implemented tools for the field of Human Resources.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of progress in Human Resources and listening to the needs of the 'movers and shakers in the field, we are constantly evolving in our aim to offer new and improved business tools in the service of the user.
Our goal is to encapsulate processes to enhance HR business communications and facilitate the organisation's dialogue with its employees and their representatives.

Our motto is: "The tool at the service of the human"

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- Maximilien Bialecki

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- Romain Couet

Through client feedback over the years, we are no strangers to the fact that the role of HR is an extremely complex one, but this does not necessarily mean the tools implemented have to be overly complicated.
In fact, simplicity and agility is what's really called for, a way to make the job faster, easier and more productively.

This means taking a different approach to HR software; the apps created by Winch do precisely that.

OUR JOBS Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional,

We recruit:
  • WebDesigners,
  • PHP and Java Developers
  • HR Editor ...
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