Make sure your employees appreciate your remuneration policies

Quick launch

No installation is required for the SaaS solution, which is hosted on our own servers
Simply choose any from a selection of especially preconfigured e-TRS panels and, if you wish, customise it to suit your needs.

Intuitive and easy to use

Its interface is designed so that your employee finds its bearings from the first moments.
Simple, intuitive controls, familiar to anyone accustomed to using online applications.

Security of your data

Manage visibility of metrics with highly granular permissions and access management, a process that can be simplified by connecting the system to your corporate directory. Secure data transmission by means of 256 bit key exchange (SSL) and systematic data encryption (AES-256 method).

Change your perspective with TRS

  • e-TRS, now downloadable and available across various platforms (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone, ...), puts at-a-glance dashboard information at your Managers' fingertips, including: pay, timesheets, training, RTT, annual leave and so on.
  • This makes it a truly motivational tool that aligns employee remuneration directly with performance and a great aid to leadership.

  • Effective communication of each employee's remuneration package, reinforcing their relationship with the organisation, consolidating company cohesion, improving employee retention and, thereby, reducing costs associated with employee churn. Depending on position and level of responsibility, those costs can be up to 200 percent of an employee's annual salary!

  • Much more than just an alternative view of payslips, TRS is a 360 degree view :
    • Annual Remuneration
    • Fringe benefits
    • Hours worked and related time-sheets
    • Social protection
    • Years of service
    • and much more.

  • Can you be sure the new talent you are hunting has the full picture of what your organisation has to offer?
  • Don't leave it to chance, giving them a clear attractive statement of total rewards can give your organisation a competitive advantage in attracting the best new blood.
In addition to simplifying the breakdown of salary payments on payslips, TRS provides a simplified presentation of health insurance contributions, overtime payments, benefits in kind, etc. The WinchApps monthly e-TRS statement fulfils all these requirements and complies with the simplified payroll specifications. Besides the inherent cost reductions over paper payslips, estimated to amount to be between 33 and 66 percent, feedback shows that employees themselves are demanding paperless HR documentation (leave requests, profit sharing statements, etc.)
  • Customise the interface to suit your needs of your organization. Configurable elements include:
    • definition of dashboard metrics,
    • definition of dashboard and report views,
    • user accounts and user privileges,
    • interface layout and formatting (logo, text fonts, multilingual utilities, etc.)
    TRS allows you to develop the interface over time and adapt it according specific communication campaigns