A tool that establishes successful internal communication of HR information

Provide the right information

Preconfigured dashboards make clear, targeted information readily available to your employee representative body , fulfilling the statutory obligations laid out in employment law.

A great communication tool

A professional interface for displaying data via an interactive portal, putting quality bar-charts, analyses and reports at the disposal of your employee representative body or Works Council. Designed to give you enhanced management of the organisation's message to employees; a refined tool for internal communications.

Intuitive and easy to use

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to find relevant information, instantly. The screens and controls that are intuitive and clearly laid out in a style familiar to users accustomed to online applications. The ESDB portal provides a truly empowering user experience that virtually eliminates the need for training or familiarisation.

Security for your data

Manage visibility of metrics with highly granular permissions and access management, giving you maximum data security, e.g. only Managers can view their direct reports' information. Secure data transmission by means of 256 bit SSL key exchange and AES-256 systematic data encryption.

Our Solution for entry and display datas

  • 100 percent portal availability, multi-platform (PC, Mac, Tablet, etc.) with two implementation options:
    • Cloud version - Winch takes care of everything, hosted entirely on our servers, managed and updated by us (Saas),
    • Hosted version - Hosted by your organisation's own IT services.
  • Provide your employee representative body or Works Council with:
    • A truly versatile data input interface offering either
      • direct input via the portal,
      • or automatic file uploads.
    • Professional presentation of data allowing uploading and sharing of all social and economic data (including dashboards, analyses and reports).

  • Via an easy-to-use interface you will be able to create, edit and manage displayed data.
  • A genuine Business Intelligence tool which pools information and distributes it to all levels of an enterprise's hierarchy (branch, company and group). This sets ESDB apart from other available employee relations software that merely acts as a Electronic Document Management system

  • ESDB conforms with statutory employment regulations for providing your employee representative committee or Works Council with information
    • Reduce implementation costs
    • Reduce implementation delays
    • Contextual help provides invaluable guidance to users

  • Customise the interface to suit the needs of your organisation. Configurable parameters include:
    • organisational structure
    • ESDB dashboard metrics,
    • report definition (dashboards and reports)
    • user accounts and permissions,
    • interface layout (logos, text, multilingual utilities, etc.)
    Develop the portal in line with your employee representative body or Works Council negotiations.

  • Highly configurable and scalable to suit the needs of your organisation: Manage visibility for employee representatives or Works Council members with highly granular permissions and access management.
    • Configurable elements include:- corporate hierarchy, visibility of metrics and reports
    • Manage access to features of the tool (eg enter data, Post data, Metrics management, Display creation, etc.)
  • We manage the security of your information by
    • encoding exchanged data
      • using 256 bit SSL certificates exchanged between your computer and our servers, which ensures complete confidentiality of transfers and
      • automatically encrypting all your data contained in the ESDB using AES-256.
  • within your budget by tailoring features for optimum value and
  • Quick installation ensures rapid Return On Investment
  • Easy to use and intuitive - it's a pleasure to use!
  • Centralised exchange of messages and notifications
  • Systematic workflow for validating input data
  • Manage contextual comments and document links directly through the interface.